Anna van der Ploeg | Smith Studio | Cape Town

"Anna van der Ploeg trained as a printmaker, she works largely in lithography, monotype, and other printmedia as well as wooden sculpture, drawing and painting. Using laborious, process-based techniques, Anna’s work evokes a feeling of spontaneity and effortlessness.
Her vivid, honey-toned palette and use of natural materials speak closely to her experience as a beekeeper. These colours induce both lightness and melancholy; a landscape of roses between ochre deserts at midday, fading into the subtleties and empathy of dusk. A curious, veiled keeper-figure features broadly across her work, weaving a delicate tension between authority and power, quietness and elation. Sometimes playful, sometimes somber, Anna’s work holds in the balance a moment in which you are at once unguarded and centred, heavy-hearted and revived." Smith Gallery.