Anna van der Ploeg | Smith Studio | Cape Town

"Anna van der Ploeg trained as a printmaker, she works largely in lithography, monotype, and other printmedia as well as wooden sculpture, drawing and painting. Using laborious, process-based techniques, Anna’s work evokes a feeling of spontaneity and effortlessness.
Her vivid, honey-toned palette and use of natural materials speak closely to her experience as a beekeeper. These colours induce both lightness and melancholy; a landscape of roses between ochre deserts at midday, fading into the subtleties and empathy of dusk. A curious, veiled keeper-figure features broadly across her work, weaving a delicate tension between authority and power, quietness and elation. Sometimes playful, sometimes somber, Anna’s work holds in the balance a moment in which you are at once unguarded and centred, heavy-hearted and revived." Smith Gallery.

Jill Joubert | Smith Studio | Cape Town

SMITH studio presents Jill Joubert’s solo exhibition of sculptures, ‘The Invasion by the Stately Queens Come to Rescue Princesses Trapped in Four Impenetrable Towers’, which begun in 2013, and is a continuation of her interest in sacred European and African Art as well as creation stories and folktales from around the world.

San Pellegrino | Young Chefs | Cape Town

This week I got to photograph the Africa and Middle East regional final of San Pellegrino Young Chef 2016. Gregorie Berger, chef of resturant Ossiano Fine Dining, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai was named the winner and will represent the region at the Grand Final in October.

'Changing Hands' | Smith Studio | Cape Town

Claire Johnson’s first solo exhibition 'Changing Hands' features acrylic paintings, linocuts and fabric works in cotton, linen and leather. Her approach involves flattening of three-dimensional items into less discernible two-dimensional forms, with those shapes then intuitively arranged into abstracted compositions. The colour is chosen quickly and instinctively. The subject of her work is always an object, whether personal or not. Stripped of context, the meaning of the work is completed by the viewer, who is less passive observer than active participant in the process.

Dear Rae | The Woodstock Foundry | Cape Town

I spent the day with the team from Dear Rae, photographing all the magic that goes into the process of making the jewellery. Dear Rae Jewellery is made up of natural lines and simplistic forms. The precious pieces are designed to be worn everyday celebrating the beauty and ease of simplicity, translating into functional jewellery.

Moyo We Khaya | Crush Magazine | Cape Town

We met up with Mama Nancy at Moyo We Khaya this week. She shared two of her big loves with us, veggies and community! It was so fascinating to hear her story of how she began gardening and how it continues to teach her about life, as she too lives, learns and grows. 

'From Whence They Came' | Smith Studio | Cape Town

'From Whence They Came' is a collaborative group show between SMITH and Kalashnikovv. Artists from SMITH alongside artists from Kalashnikovv showcasing the two distinct styles emerging form both galleries. From painting to drawing, printmaking to installation and sculpture this is wonderful platform for Cape Town based artists to show alongside Johannesburg based artists.